feltHousesThe Pocket is a small neighborhood on the East side of the City of Rochester, between East Main St. and Atlantic Ave.  The neighborhood group was formed out of a partnership between the Realtors Charitable foundation, Neighborworks Rochester and city agencies around 2008.  The name the “the Pocket’ was chosen for its shape and designation within the North Winton Village area.

Our community boasts several gardens and a great mix of residents. The neighborhood is walkable, dog friendly and a short distance from recreational opportunities such as Irondequoit Bay, Tryon Park’s mixed use trails and Ellison Park.  There are community organizations in the area, including the Winton Library and the Humboldt Recreation Center.  Neighborhood schools are strong.  Businesses include the Greenhouse Café, Rochester Picture Framing and Eastern Printing.  There are a variety of restaurants, stores and schools within walking distance.